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Relaying the responsibility of care to the hands of total strangers is a hard decision to make. For our patients and their primary caregivers, it actually costs more than trust, but a significant emotional investment in the course of finding a way to provide the best quality of care for their loved one’s needs. Being entrusted with such confidence and faith in what we can do is more than anything, what fuels our motivation to create valuable outcomes. That is why, we always hire the most qualified home health care professionals in today’s human service industry.

The Noor Home Health Care professionals are the best at what they do. Each of our personnel has a minimum of two years experience upon entry. They are also exposed to rigorous training, license verification, and an extensive pre-employment procedure to filter the best among our pool of applicants.

Our staff are inclusive of:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Home Health Aides
  • Physical Therapist
  • Administrative Personnel
  • Customer Service Personnel

Together, we work hand in hand, along with our wide network of community resources to get the needed services you require.

Meet the people behind the change. You can visit us at our center location sometime and have a good chat with our family. Set an appointment now!