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Welcome to Noor Home Health Care

Never let age, disability, or illness hamper you from getting the happiness and comfort you deserve to own. At Noor Home Health Care, our dedicated focus is on improving your quality of life, suffice your needs, and allow you to flourish in your preferred living placement at home without extended anxieties on frequenting facility confinements or the need for early institutionalization.

Noor Home Health Care is your reputable home health care agency serving the needs of Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our program offers are inclusive of both supportive and rehabilitative services provided by skilled professionals and paraprofessionals. We are versatile, flexible, and highly-conforming to the needs of each unique patient in every exclusive household.

Fostering family-like care and dedicated service approach, we are ever-committed to provide genial care to every home we visit. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. For this reason, we put great emphasis and efforts to patient care customization that entails a whole procedure of assessment, planning, implementation, and re-evaluation just to settle for the highest possible level of care you could get.

Whether you are in need of highly-skilled nursing services or a simple hourly respite for your loved one, we are always available to provide support, 24/7. Our care professionals are compassionate, warm and friendly, and are very dedicated to provide the highest quality of home health care you are entitled to receive. We treat each patient with dignity, respect, and with most regard to privacy, ensuring that you are staying at home as independent as allowable.

Our service portfolio boasts a number of home healthcare services inclusive of skilled nursing, speech, language, and occupational therapy, and our semi-skilled home health aide program. The official roll of service is established once you decide to receive the care at home determined upon the result of your eligibility check and health profiling. These will be done through a FREE assessment at your residence.

Set an appointment now to know the level of home health care you need. Or if you are in need of further guidance about our services, kindly contact us.